Benefits of Miswak | How to Use and Where to Buy Miswak in Pakistan ?

Benefits of Miswak | How to Use and Where to Buy Miswak in Pakistan ?

1) History of Miswak Sticks

The Miswak is a natural teeth cleaning twig. It is a traditional and natural alternative to modern toothbrush. The Miswak has various names in different parts of this planet. It is popular as miswak, sewak, or arak in the middle east; miswak in Tanzania; datan and miswak in India and Pakistan

Miswak, an oral hygiene accessory is reputed to have been used over 7000 years ago when neither nylon nor toothpaste was discovered. The Salvadora persica tree known as Arak is the source of the Miswak Sticks.

The Miswak sticks were the primary source of dental care before the modern toothbrush and toothpaste industry had come into existence. The innumerable people had been maintaining their oral health by using these toothbrush reminiscent twigs for thousands of years.

Some 7000 years ago, the Babylonians used the Miswak Sticks (chewing sticks). Later on, these Miswak sticks were used throughout the Greek and Roman empires and have been used by Jews, Egyptians, and in the Islamic empires. These are believed to be used in Europe until about 300 years ago. Miswak is being used even today in Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, and throughout the Islamic countries

The use of Sewaks has deep roots in many cultures. The Arak (Salvadora persica) tree is the most common source of Miswak sticks in the Middle East While the people in West Africa are getting the Siwaks from the lime tree (citrus aurantafolia) and the orange tree (Citrus sinesis).

The roots of Senna (Cassia vinnea) were used by the Black Americans While the African laburnum (Cassia sieberianba) were used in Sierra Leone. In the Indian Subcontinent, Neem (Azadirachta indica) is widely used to clean the teeth.

In Islam, Miswak Stick has great importance. This tree Salvadora persica is traditionally used to create a chew stick called miswak, as frequently advocated for in the hadith (written traditions relating to the life of Muhammad)

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Zaitoon Miswak and Peelu Miswak

2) Better than a toothbrush

According to modern researches and studies, miswak sticks are proved to be as effective as, or even superior to the present day′s most common oral hygiene aid, i.e., toothbrush.

As compared to a toothbrush, the benefits of Miswaks are great. The Miswak Stick has shown tremendous mechanical and chemical cleansing of oral tissues. The anti-plaque efficacy of the chewing stick was significantly demonstrated in this study. Resultantly, Sewak may effectively and exclusively replace the toothbrush.


3) Good for Teeth

The Miswak Sticks’ benefits are immense medically. The miswak sticks for oral hygiene functions in two ways. Firstly, the mechanical plaque is controlled by friction between plant fibers and tooth surfaces. Secondly, the chemical plaque is controlled due to its chemical composition… Tannic acid is found to be good anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis and has an astringent effect on the mucous membranes.

4) Usage of Miswak Sticks

Miswak Sticks should be used promptly and on a regular basis in order to get more effective and fruitful results.

One Siwak can be used approximately for one week if you use it once in a day. Miswak Sticks can be kept fresh and be stored store in a dry environment where it can breathe, away from sunlight. As it is highly absorbent, You should avoid keeping it in the bathroom.

The use of Miswak stick is very simple and easy. The exposed end is chewed upon until the twigs form into bristles, and these are used to brush without toothpaste. Every few days the wearing away bristles may be cut off and repeat peeling the bark and starting fresh. When the miswak stick  becomes dry, it should be moistened by water or preferably rose water


5) Scientifically approved Oral Care Benefits 

The benefits of Miswak Sticks have wonderfully amazed the modern-day oral care experts. The extract of Miswak Sticks has properties that effectively fight plaque, gum disease, and even prevent any existing decay from getting worse.

Miswak has been found as effective as a toothbrush for reducing plaque both experimentally and clinically.

It is important to note that It also contains minerals such as chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium which strengthens the enamel in your teeth. Sewaks give you a very healthy and refreshing mouth.


6) Produces Refreshing breath

One of the greatest benefits of the Miswak Sticks is that It creates a refreshing fragrance in the mouth and eliminates bad breath. The sensitivity of test-buds is improved by the regular use of the Miswak Sticks and You get refreshing cleaner White teeth which infuse new energy in your body and you become more active and smarter.


7) Whitens teeth

One of another useful benefit of Miswak Sticks is that it Whitens teeth which gives a lively and fresh look of your face and imparts new energy to your body. As a result, You become smarter and more active and as a result, you lead a very healthy and happy life.


8) Types and Flavours

We M/s.MiswaksPk is supplying high-quality Fresh Miswaks of different types ( Peelu Miswaks and Zaitoon Miswaks ) of different sizes and in different Packagings to our Customers from all over the World. Please be noted that the Peelu Miswaks and the Zaitoon Miswaks have different tastes and flavors and these Miswaks are from different trees. The Peelu Miswak is from the Arak (Salvadora persica) tree and the Zaitoon Miswaks is from the Olive tree. Both the Peelu Miswaks and the Zaitoon Miswaks are the supreme quality Miswak in Pakistan.


We are also supplying the Miswaks in different flavors. The most demanding flavors of Miswaks are Mint, Clove and Green Cardigan. The people love to clean their teeth with these tasty flavored Miswaks.

 Buy Miswak In Pakistan


We are supplying high-quality Fresh Miswaks of different types ( Peelu Miswaks and Zaitoon Miswaks ) of different sizes and in different Packagings to our Customers from all over the World. We are also supplying Miswaks with Holders. Miswaks sales in Pakistan are rapidly increasing.

Our Fresh Miswak Sticks packed in Customized Packaging of 1 Just Miswakit Box Packing ( 1 Miswak with 1 Holder in 1 Box ), 2 Just Miswakit Box Packing ( 2 Miswaks with 2 Holder in 1 Box ) and 5 Just Miswakit Box Packaging are in great demand and the sales of Miswaks have increased tremendously in the last few months

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