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Miswakspk.com is supplying high quality Fresh Miswaks ( Peelu Miswaks and Zaitoon Miswaks ) in different Sizes and Hygienic Packaging to their Customers not only in Pakistan but also from all over the World ( UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Australia, China, Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden and Czech Republic etc etc ). We are also supplying our Premium quality Sewaks in different Customized Packagings in Boxes.

Our Best Selling Siwaks include Peelu Miswaks and Zaitoon Miswaks in Hygienic Packing, Miswaks with Plastic Holders and Miswaks in designer box packagings.

 “Miswak” (which has synonyms in different Arabic dialects and countries, including “miswaak,” “misswak,”“miswaki,” “meswak,” “mswaki,” “sewak,” “siwak,” and “siwaki”) is an Arabic word.

The conventional meaning of miswak is ‘tooth-cleaning stick’ or “stick used on teeth and gums to clean them”. Sewak helps remove food particles and plaque from the teeth, and also has antibacterial properties that help keep your mouth healthy

Miswak has been shown to contain a number of active antibacterial compounds that actively fight bacterial growth in the mouth.Compounds containing phosphorus atoms were found to be the active substances of the miswak plant. The function of phosphorus, together with calcium, forms a calcium phosphate compound that plays a role in the formation of human bones and teeth.

The Miswak is a traditional natural toothbrush which holds an esteemed status in Islamic culture due to its incredible purifying properties.Importantly, For many Muslims around the world, the Miswak is also a form of spiritual purification and is considered an act of worship.

Some people like to freeze their miswaks to keep them fresh for later use, but this isn’t necessary if they are vacuum sealed. However, it does lose freshness over time. Whenever the miswak becomes too dry to use, soak in water to soften the bristles. The ending should be continuously cut to ensure hygiene maintenance.

Salvadora persica L. is also known as Arak (in Arabic) and Peelu (in Urdu). Its frequent use as a toothbrush (miswak) is highly recommended by Prophet Muhammad.

 This organic Miswak whitens your teeth by eliminating plaque and smoothing the teeth. It also removes staining caused by cigarette, wine, coffee etc. to restore the natural teeth. This Siwak helps prevent cavities. Lastly, it can be used before and after Salah, five times in a day without causing irritation.

You’re supposed to use the miswak more often than a regular toothbrush: about five times a day is ideal, and you don’t need to use toothpaste. Otherwise, it’s like a regular toothbrush. After a few days the bristles get worn down and you should cut them off.

Each miswak is approximately six fresh brushes, so if you cut yours once a day, one stick should last you approximately one week. You can keep your miswak fresh by storing it in a dry environment where it can breathe, away from sunlight.

Miswaak stimulates saliva production, which helps maintain a healthy pH balance in the mouth and prevents dryness.


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